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DM letters will only be sent with special consent except for system messages that we might send you without prior approval.

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We provide you with information about the data stored on you on request, and these data can be deleted any time on your require.

Managing cookies

We use cookies on this site to make your online visit easier and more convenient. The data thus obtained will be used solely for the optimum user experience and will be retained until the end of the visit.

Scope of data processed: languages, geographic data

People involved: all visitors to this website

Purpose of data management: to provide optimal user experience, statistics

Duration of data management, deadline for deletion of data: duration of data management in case of session cookies is until the end of the visit to the website.

Identity of potential data controllers authorized to access the data: By using cookies, the data controller does not manage personal data.

Disclosure of data subjects’ data management rights: Data subjects are able to clear cookies in the browsers' Tools / Options menu, usually under the Privacy menu options.

Legal basis for data management: The consent of the data subject is not required if the sole purpose of the use of cookies is to transmit communications over an electronic communications network or to provide an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.

We use cookies and similar technologies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.